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mothers day quotes  I would like to say thank you to my children, Sean and Angie, for allowing me to grow into the person I have become today. I find that so often we think about mothers as being the ones who set the standards, who lead the way, who are the role models. Well, today I want to say that in many ways it has been my children who have set the standards, who have taken the lead and who have been my role models.

mothers day poems My children are now 26 and 27 years of age and I am so grateful for the relationship that I share with each of them. We have been through our ups and downs of divorce, death, diabetes and addiction to name a few. We have laughed together and we have cried together. We have attempted to force our opinions on each other even when we knew better and we have also allowed one another to hold an opinion that we may not have agreed with.

mothers day messages  Underlying everything we have been through as a family is love, caring, compassion and understanding. My children know in the depth of their being that I love them and I know in the deepest level of my heart and soul that my children love me. To take that one step further, not only do I know that they love me and that I love them, but that they accept me for who I am and I accept them for who they are. I know that this has not always been easy as I am not the typical (whatever that means) mom who works 9-5, has lived at the same address for 10 years or been married to the same man for 25 years. No, I am the mom who dragged them to pow wows, who lived in the outback of Australia with them, who took them out of school on Wednesday’s to go skiing because it was $5 for the afternoon. I wanted them to explore and experience life so that they were aware that they had options and that the world is their oyster and it would be up to them to become whom-ever they chose to become.

mothers day greetings  So, this Mother’s Day I want to say thank you to my children for never giving up on me and for encouraging and inspiring me to follow my heart. They have been my strength when I was weak and I have been their strength when they were weak. For me, this is what I desire as a relationship between a mother and her children. All three of us have opened our hearts to accept one another for who we are in this moment. We may not always agree with one another but our love always supersedes the need to be right. When they have something of great importance to share, I get one of the first calls and when they are struggling with something, I am usually their first point of reference. And, when I am bubbling with excitement over a new idea or discouraged about something else, they are usually the first ones I call.

mothers day wishes We live our lives interdependently. We have learned the importance of ‘being present’ for one another and also ‘allowing’ the other the space needed to grow, to learn, to explore and to experience all life has to offer. So, it is with love and gratitude that this Mother’s Day I say thank you to my children for choosing me as their mom so that I could both learn from them and teach them.

mothers day quotes This Mother’s Day I invite you to look at your relationship with your children, if you have children. Ask yourself what you have learned from them? And, let them know how grateful you are for them coming into your life. We can all learn from one another. The one thing that I so often remind people of is that the one thing we all have in common is a mother. So, reach out to your mom and ask her what you can do to support healing in her life. My children have taught me so much about healing my own life and yours can teach you as well. Open your heart and ask them. I believe that our children wish for our happiness as much as we wish happiness for them.

best mothers day quotes . 2015 : Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate motherhood. In this day, we show our love and gratefulness to our mothers in many ways: gifts, quotes, send sms messages and beautiful images to your beloved mother. Occupychi has collected some happy mother’s day 2015 quotes, sms messages, wishes and saying images for this day. Happy Mom’s Day!


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Mother’s Day comes once a year. Some assume that if they obtain their mother flowers and a card that they need consummated their obligation for the remainder of the year. If we tend to solely apprehended a tenth of what our mothers did for North American nation as youngsters, and the way they’d virtually die for North American nation if required, we might notice that sooner or later isn’t sufficient . Mothers Day ought to be a time to prompt North American nation that we’ve been neglecting our duties as sons and daughters. This relationship is sacred allow us to honor our mothers.
Lord, square measure there roses in your garden
On the shores of day of remembrance
Would you choose a dozen of your best
And deliver them for me?
For you see, nowadays is mothers’ day
And I cannot visit my mama
For it wasn’t terribly back then
The angels came and took her home.
So if there square measure roses in your garden
On the shores of day of remembrance
Would you choose a dozen of your best
And deliver them for me?
Would you’re taking them to my mother
And tell her that i really like her.
Tell her that I miss her
In oh! such a lot of ways that
But I actually have joy in knowing
We’ll meet once more sometime
And we’ll choose roses along
On the shores of day of remembrance
For Every Mother in My Life

How am i able to thanks for your support,
For the steerage, prayers and facilitate of all type.

So much you’ve got done that I may ne’er repay,
All I will do is to honour you during this noble manner.

Kind, caring and dotty is UN agency you’re
May the blessing of the Lord propel you way.

You took in as a son and showed Pine Tree State love.
And for that i feel of you as associate angel from high on top of.

Knowing you’re in my life makes Pine Tree State proud,
Your recommendation {for Pine Tree State|on behalf of me} leaves me sound.

You have supported Pine Tree State to the current finish
You’ve been my mama and my Friend.

I am UN agency i’m nowadays,
Because you showed Pine Tree State the manner.

For being a mother to Pine Tree State especially odds
I say you’re the simplest MUM within the world.

God Bless you in each manner
And Happy day
Mom, you’re the centerpiece of my life.
The light in my sun.
I can’t thanks enough for all you’ve got done.
You make Pine Tree State smile once I am unhappy.
You are the simplest mother a toddler may ever have.
You console Pine Tree State deeply once something’s wrong.
You know once something’s happened or something’s happening.
I appreciate the love you herald.
You cheer Pine Tree State up once I lose.
You make Pine Tree State laugh once I win.
You turn my moon into a sun.
You’ve done an excessive amount of although my life has simply begun.
You offer Pine Tree State a shelter and food to eat.
You are the soles in my shoes
The bones in my feet.
You support Pine Tree State and hold Pine Tree State tall.
You stand Pine Tree State high and do not let Pine Tree State fall.
You make my life easier in each manner.
That’s why i need to mention Happy day